Letter: Time to wake up

In the 1960s, I attended Ohio Northern University and heard a socialist from England speak at chapel. Later, sitting in the student union, the socialist and professor came in and sat at the table next to me. I overheard the socialist say, “Now is the time we can mold their minds.”

Isn’t that what most colleges and universities are doing today?

In 1987, I received the book, “Come Before Winter,” by Charles Swindall. A quote from the chapter, “Stop the Revolving Door,” on Page 321:

“From bondage to spiritual faith, From spiritual faith to great courage, From great courage to strength, From strength to liberty, From liberty to abundance, From abundance to leisure, From leisure to selfishness, From selfishness to complacency, From complacency to apathy, From apathy to dependency, From dependency to weakness, From weakness back to bondage.”

That’s America today. Wake up America and turn to God or creator.

Elnora Stratton, Bluffton


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