Letter: Easy travel in Lima

When I travel in my car, I always try to get a map to help me get to my destination unless I know where I’m going and have been there before. When I travel in my car, I try to estimate the time to my destination. In that estimate I tried to include time for excessive traffic, especially if my travel is going to be in the city of Lima. And I try to allow time for “what if there is a train on the tracks.”

However, the last item in my list is no longer a problem at the Bellefontaine and Elm Street railroad crossings. The nice new underpass will get me to my destination on time. The nice new roundabout will get me through the intersection and aid in my travel.

To anyone that had a hand in making this underpass and roundabout exist, I send to you a big thank you. My timetable for travel in Lima is now much easier because of your dedicated work. Thank You Again.

No fuss, no worry — just go on Elm Street. Happy Traveling!

Phyllis Conley, Lima


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