Letter: I laughed, then I cried

Several months ago, I was in the drive thru lane at McDonald’s on Cable road. The line initially was long put eventually it moved to the point where I was next in line at the pay window. I sat there for a few minutes and realized that the gentleman ahead of me in a red pick up truck was not moving forward. Shortly afterwards, I noticed workers inside looking out at that vehicle and before too much time had passed, a worker came outside and tapped on the window. That gentleman in front of me had fallen asleep.

Not once did I ever consider calling the police, and apparently, the employees felt the same way. We all got a big laugh out of it.

But since last Friday, I have thought about that day and I have wondered if that young man has thought about that incident after learning of a man losing his life for doing exactly the same thing. I’ve wondered if he imagined being black in that same circumstance in Atlanta , Georgia. I am sure he went home to be with his family and friends and is thoroughly enjoying his life while another young man that did exactly the same thing, lies in a morgue.

People will attack and criticize that young man for his actions in this tragedy, but that only brings me to something that MLK said that was similar to this: “We can never be what we ought to be and do until you are what you need to say and do.”

Charlie Thomas, Lima


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