Letter: A ‘snake pit’ in the making

An investor has purchased property at 1105 E. Market, the former “Longfellow School Site.”

A meeting was held last week to change the variance and rezone the property from the Class 1 Single Family. They are

saying they are now allowed to build up to four family units on each section of that lot. There are four sections making up the corner lot.

He is going to build four family units with attached garages. They are going to take over and use two of the access alleys and making parking for 32 cars. This would mean we could have up to 75 to 100 people living on that corner lot. Plus 12 to 32 cars coming and going up our alleys.

Also we were told they would only rent to “young professionals.”

How can they do that without it being housing discrimination?

The East Market Street, East High Street and North Shawnee neighborhood is in jeopardy of losing its quality of life. We would be unable to sit outside and enjoy peace and quiet and not worry when this site will become the next “snake pit”.

Marlene Smith, Lima

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