Letter: Caregivers were simply wonderful

I was in St. Rita’s hospital from Nov. 1 through Nov. 5 and I want to thank everyone that took care of me at that time. from the from the young lady in the emergency room who signed me in to the young man that took me out in the wheel chair.

All the people in the emergency room were so kind from the doctor on the second floor surgery to the whole team. The surgeon and his team that fixed me up, and the lab people that were able to find a vein when there was not a good one. All of these people are so good at their job.

The people in the intensive care unit were watching out for me all the time. I could see them at all times. Then the Fourth Floor — so many good people night and day. The food people made sure I put in an order.

I want to thank the priest and chaplain for praying for me and for all the people’s prayers. Most of all, I want to thank the people who donate blood and the people who take care of the blood donors.

You all kept me alive.

Ruth Ann Silone, Lima


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