Figures dont lie,but liars figure

Found on : 2019-2020 flu season should last into May. From the CDC: From Oct. 1, 2019, to Feb. 1, 2020, at least 12,000 flu deaths could be 31,000 by season end. Influenza B, & A H1N1. Up to 31 million Americans caught the flu, between 210,000 - 370,000 hospitalized, this year. Last year 34,200 related deaths.

2017-18 flu season - 61,000 Americans died of flu related illnesses. I was sick the whole month of April. 45 million sick, 21-million got healthcare, 810,000 hospitalized. No Covid involved in any of above facts.

SARS CoV killed 774 worldwide in Feb., 2003. Swine flu, September 2010 estimates: 60.8 million effected, 274,304 hospitalized, 12,469 US deaths from H1N1pdm 09 virus. MERS 2012 MERS CoV has affected 2,500 and killed 3-4 of every 10 infected.

People die everyday. It’s a shame when someone needs an agenda to emphasize death, forgetting public facts.

Jeff McDougle, Delphos

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