Letter: The slippery slope of paying athletes

The NCAA is moving rapidly to begin allowing sports stars to earn money for endorsements and other activities, although all the rules have not yet been finalized. What could possibly go wrong!

Let’s take football. More than likely, the star will be the quarterback. When the QB begins to earn big bucks, the other 10 team members just may start to realize that without them covering his blindside and catching his passes, the QB is no longer a star. So they make a deal to be included on a portion of his earnings.

But wait! It isn’t just 10 others when you count substitutions. But how do you divide it fairly? Ah, playing time is considered and agreed to.

But wait! Who determines playing time? The coaches! While not strictly legal (money corrupts, you know), the coaches now get a share. By now, the entire defense is also in on the action.

But wait! Sportswriters catch on that without their blaring headlines, there are no stars. Of course to maintain their star, they also get a cut.

But wait! Now the fans catch on that without their whole-hearted support, there are no stars. By now, this is way too much for the corporate interests to support.

But wait! Someone has an idea. Instead of calling them stimulus checks, just call them weekly sports checks. Where is Bernie and the other liberal Democrats when you really need them?

Bob Corson



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