Letter: Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream social

It remains a thought provoking sight of the plight of Nancy’s tormented ordeal while home bound because of the Wuhan Virus. Instead of well deserved praise and admiration for our populace who work the front lines in our battle against this dreadful infestation from China, our hero divulges in the premium ice creams of the day. She seems to believe everyone has a well-stocked larder as this, and a more than adequate $24,000 freezer in which to encapsulate foods delivered from the outside world.

In reality madam, you and your comrades of the party seek so much more than help for small business and necessary income for the hard working citizens of our country who live day by day without a job. You and the big city mayors, all Democrats, of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and the like, petition to have not only monetary means to fight the pandemic, but to bail out their states from enormous debt created before the virus through their incompetency.

Money rendered by the federal government should not be used to fund planned parenthood, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,or the green new deal. Under the table grants by the Democrats placed in medical allotments should bother any politician, but alas, they do not. Perhaps Biden will save the country and with his son to render direction, will work with China as stated in his comment, “come on man, they”re not bad folks.”

So, eat your ice cream, madam speaker, adjust your teeth, forget impeachment, and help the citizens of our own country.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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