Letter: Virus has been a wakeup call

We lay people tend to think of a coronavirus as the cause of the common winter cold, so where did COVID-19 come from, and how did it mutate into something so much more destructive than the common winter cold virus?

China’s claim, with general agreement, is that it came from bats. Others have suggested that it came from a “test tube” in a Chinese bio-warfare laboratory located near the source area. Would China expose millions of its people to illness and death? Wouldn’t seem likely.

Further thought brings the new consideration of maybe they would, especially considering their massive population, there significant Communist dogma of “the end justifies the means,” and their end goal of world domination. The well-designed mutation hides evidence and provides a great delivery system and has caused more problems for the non-Communist world than all efforts by Communist nations in the past century combined.

Perhaps COVID-19 is even more than that. Perhaps it is a warning from God that we have veered too far from Him and His intentions to the point that we will cause a conflagration that will make World War II seem like a walk in the park. Multitudes deny God, and multitudes of us believers live like deniers. We disrespect and hate others because of how they look, sound, think or act and in what class they are. We thumb our nose at God’s guidelines for a happy, acceptable sex life. We selfishly kill scores of millions of our offspring to “eliminate an inconvenience.” We covet the riches and lifestyles of others.

If we continue to thumb our noses at God, God help us!

James Powell, Lima


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