Letter: DeWine, Acton wrecked Ohio

Never in my lifetime did I suspect that two people, one of which no Ohioan voted for, could destroy the lives of thousands and wreck the economy of this state. Of course I refer to Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton. Using a projection model that forecast 9,800 people each day would become infected with the coronavirus, the actions taken have caused damage to our liberty and freedom that should not have been permitted occurred. One of the comments made by Dr. Fauci that was correct, is that a model is only as good as the assumptions used to create it. It appears that no one at the state level bothered to investigate or challenge the assumptions to create the model used in the decision making process.

DeWine is sure his actions saved lives. I would like to ask the governor how many lives were saved? Of course that number is unknown and only speculation could provide an answer.

However, we can with a fair degree of certainty discern how many lives and businesses have been negatively impacted by these decisions. We can determine the following.

1: The number of Ohioans filing for unemployment

2: The number of Ohio businesses closed

3: The number of mortgages not paid to banks and mortgage companies

4: The number of individual bankruptcy filings year over year

5: The number of business bankruptcy filings year over year

6 : The number of cars and trucks not sold year over year

7: The amount of city income taxes not collected

8: The amount of State income tax not collected

9 The amount of gasoline sales tax not collected

10: The amount of sales tax revenue not collected

11: A number that could be a little more difficult but not impossible to determine is the number of individuals making a first time appointment for mental health counseling for depression and anxiety

12: Llikewise the number of increased incidents of addiction and suicides

13: The number of funerals where family members could not gather as a group to grieve

14: The number of churches intimidated not to hold services

15: The number of businesses that will never reopen within three months after the emergency ends.

Richard Orvil Maye, Elida


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