Letter: Trump has flaws, but also has my vote

As I was browsing TV channels I came across a show called, “Evil Lives Here.” It was a new reality TV show set in a rehab center about people who have lost their minds over our current president. This night’s episode was called ‘TDS and its effects”

Turns out there was several old coots with red faces yelling at the TV hollering words like “dumbasery , repuglican , orange man” and many others. Most were being ignored.

There was somebody running down the hall screaming something about, “He said George Washington had airplanes on live TV.”

I saw the same old tired voices say the same things over and over, blaming everything on this president since the beginning of time.

These same frauds were part of the travesty of the Kavanaugh episode in which he was put to a stake so to speak for unfounded allegations. This is the current situation the presumed Democrat nominee finds himself in. Democrats aren’t saying a word about the women who at least sounds credible (remember those words?). Her claims should be checked out, but no Democrat is saying a word about it .

It sure looks like Democrat nominee Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia. What’s the thought process: Get him elected then call him unfit and let his unnamed VP take over ? We’ll see how that goes.

I believe no one else could have taken the the constant attacks from Democrat frauds or the the nasty out-of-control media with the single overriding goal of not just removing this president, but destroying him in the process.

I think the the people who think the president does everything right and the people who think he does everything wrong are of the same mindset. Trump is not perfect, but given honesty or a fraud, I’ll choose Donald Trump.

Steve Wilson, Elida


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