Letter: All aboard the Trump train

Now is the time to stay on the Trump train. Would Democrats do a better job with the virus and the economy as Donald Trump? I think not! When Donald Trump took office he threw off the Obama chains and regulations and the economy quickly improved. Remember that Obama said that his malaise was the new normal and the economy would never improve. We knew it would never improve as long as Democrats were in charge of the economy so we voted for Donald Trump.

Be of no doubt that Democrats are aching to restore their beloved regulation of our lives. They love big government and its regulation and their power over you. Has big government ever done anything well?

The Democrats tried to increase funding for Democrat green new deal ideas. They proposed requiring national mail in voting for the November election which has many openings for election fraud. This is the reason they support mail in voting and are against voter ID. Fraud. They proposed using taxpayer funds to support illegal aliens.

They wanted tax deductions for solar and wind energy. They wanted provisions from the labor union wish list to make it easier for them to organize as well as new emission requirements or airlines. Things not related at all to helping people effected by covid-19.

You have heard that Democrat Congressman Clyburn said this virus gives Democrats the opening to invoke their vision for this country. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Once we learn to deal with this virus the freed economy will come back. Vote Donald Trump 2020.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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