Letter: Remembering Leonard Rush

I have many memories of Lima Senior football Coach Leonard Rush, but I want to share a story that a lot of people in Lima are not aware of.

Friday night, Oct. 26, 1990, Lima Senior finished the season against Greater Miami Conference foe Hamilton at Hamilton on the field that he played on and against Lima Senior.

His daughter was a senior in the Hamilton Big Blue Marching Band flag corp. She asked her father if he would walk with her for senior band night. As the game went to half (a 10-7 Spartan win), he took the team to the locker room. After a few minutes, he came out of the locker room in Lima senior attire and walked with his daughter at halftime. I still think to this day that what he did was big. He cared for his kids and his players that moment in time with “that stray little Hamilton fan” as I called her. This will always be my No. 1 memory.

Wayne Brown hired the right man for the job. A coach who played against Lima Senior when Hamilton Garfield was a Greater Ohio League member with Lima Senior, and then an assistant coach with Styart Eversole, who coached at West Chester Lakota. A fellow greater Miami conference member. In 1983, Leonard and I were on the visitor’s side (a 23-12 Thunderbird win, their first over Lima Senior, Oct. 21, 1983.) In 1984, Leonard was on the other side coaching Lima Senior.

It’s funny how life works, isn’t it?

I want to close by saying thank you to Coach Rush! Thanks for coaching the Spartans. Thank you for letting me obtain a ring. Thanks for the memories that we all have and lastly, thank you for giving this city a state title. Somebody had to knock off Iggy. It might as well be us. Rest in peace and farewell Boss!

Timothy Ludwig, Lima


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