Letter: Never underestimate good in people

I would like to say a big “thank you” to the person that found and returned my wallet.

Last week after shopping at Rulers, I discovered I had lost it. I figured it was gone for good, but a couple of days later I found it tucked behind my storm door. It contained a credit card, a debit card and some cash. Nothing was missing.

Since I am well into my “senior years” and have some medical issues, I find myself taking many “unscheduled naps” and did not hear you if you knocked. I am sorry I did not get the chance to meet you, thank you in person and offer you a reward. Hopefully, someday I will get the opportunity to “pass it on.” During all the turmoil going on in our country, it made my heart smile to know there are still good and honest people out there. Thank you again.

J.P. Keith, Lima


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