Letter: Yes, Trump really said that

There have been many letters published in this newspaper pertaining to the level of unfitness of the current White House occupant. We have pointed out numerous times about behavior that was corrupt, narcissistic, mysoginistic, and a pathological liar. A man that continually attacks the press as the enemy of the people, undermines our own intelligence agencies, fires anyone that discloses his erratic behavior.

He is a threat to American values as he peddles racism and division.

What should give even his staunchest supporter some pause is something he said on Thursday. The president of the United States asked the question, “If we inject someone with a disinfectant , will they be cured? If someone sits in sunlight, will the ultra violet rays kill the virus?”

During the course of this crisis, the President of the United States has blamed Democrats, W.H.O, China, and the media while avoiding a self-examination of his constant failings. I want the intellectual friends of mine that continue to accept his despicable behavior to accept that inner voice that says we as a nation are so much better than this. It is better to follow the voice inside your mind than to be at war with your deepest self and I can only assume that many are at war with themselves in their support of this flawed man.

Charles Thomas, Lima


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