Letter: Sielschott is essential

This election, you, the public, get to “elect” a candidate for commissioner. Notice all of the unopposed races? You won’t elect the next commissioner after the election. The Republican Party will appoint that person. The coming appointment then sets your future.

You need to vote! Not voting is inexcusable.

Vote the same old way? Vote what benefits the county? Fall for politics? Mesmerized by signs? Voters say different people and ideas are needed. With no debates, no accountability to defend, why not just buy it? Did you see the candidates’ spending reported? Seibert “loaned” herself thousands. Stolly marketing himself spent thousands, raised a little. Sielschott raises money via fundraisers and campaigns within his means … a true conservative.

Stolly tells what he used to do: “formerly,” “past.” Admirable, but why must we settle being another position of activity on someone’s resume? Seibert markets all she can, attempting to prove conservative. Typical party colors and all; “conservative EPA Representative?” Wasn’t it Seibert pushing unfunded mandates for communities like Lima to adhere? Maybe why my monthly city utilities used to be $43 and now $78? Not conservative political sense, let alone business sense.

Sielschott is an essential businessman with real financial experience, not just accounting. Knowing market trends and business tendencies with realizing the fundamental responsibilities of a commissioner is key. Recognizes the impact of the state shutdown to our community. I trust Sielschott to help move Allen County forward, realizing this is exactly why he returned home to run a business, be active and seek office to influence the future. His clients trust him. Now let’s trust Tim with our votes!

Brian Cheney, Lima

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