Letter: Bye-bye Bernie

Watching the Communist oh wait, make that Democratic Socialist, candidate give his almost tearful address to the country in which he “suspended” his campaign to be the Democrat Parties choice for president was great television.

Bernie Sanders, who took it on the chin from the DNC during the 2016 campaign, did so again during his latest effort. The movers and shakers in the DNC were terrified that Sanders might win enough votes in the primaries to actually be a threat to the doddering and frankly senile Joe Biden, whom they are pinning all their hopes on this year. Now all they have to worry about is that Joe Biden can remember where he is, who he is married to, and who his sister is.

Bernie said he will still be around to force the Democrats to include such poison pills in their platform as the Green New Deal, free college for everyone, forgiveness of college loan debt, medicare for all, and a host of other free stuff boondoggles. Oops I almost forgot he wants to cripple our economy by outlawing the use of fossil fuel so we can avoid the global warming myth, sorry, I guess the accepted words are now climate change.

Anyway you cut it , election of any Democrat as president and allowing them to keep control of the House will result in a complete disaster to our country. The Democrat Party has shown its true colors during the current emergency. They must be crushed at the ballot box and voted out of office for the sake of those thousands who have fought and died against Communism to keep our country free.

Kenneth Harris, Lima


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