Letter: Biden’s old school (and that’s good)

With Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders officially suspending his presidential candidacy for the Democratic nomination, a clear victor has emerged from the once crowded field. Former Vice President Joe Biden, whose campaign was once thought to be dead, will now become his party’s presumptive nominee for president of the United States.

Throughout the primary process, Joe had been championed as the down-to-earth centrist who could return the country to normalcy. That message certainly resonated with many Democratic voters. The main issue, however, lurking in the underbelly of the DNC is the growing dichotomy between establishment progressives and their new wave left counterparts.

Joe Biden represents the old Democratic Party, the party that stood up for blue collar workers, civil rights, and entitlement reform. Today, the party is growing increasingly torn between reconciling these keystone voters with the new generation of activists who chase identity politics and social justice.

The Democratic coal miner in Coshocton does not, and will not, care about the same issues as the inner-city minority bartender in Cleveland. Right now, Trump has scooped up these forgotten workers along Rust Belt states and giving them hope. Biden is in a tough situation to win back these blue-collar voters while also dealing with a whole generation that sees him as just another old, white, privileged male.

It is a dangerous dichotomy within the Democratic Party. One that, if not dealt with properly, will ultimately cause permanent isolation and eventual party shift for many of these swing state voters.

Logan Rex, Lima


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