Letter: Jordan fights for patients

Now, more than ever, we need to ensure that patients are protected against exploitation through surprise medical billings. This practice refers to the loophole currently in place where third-party payors can pick and choose which medical services they deem “in-network” or “out-of-network.” These decisions are often completely arbitrary and often leave unknowing patients with bills for doctors, specialists, or services that they believed to be included in their network.

This practice is not ethical, nor should it be lawful.

To no surprise to people who know him, Congressman Jim Jordan continues to advocate for patients and is working to end the practice of surprise medical billing. In a recent letter from conservatives to Speaker Pelosi, Congressman Jordan warned of the great danger of giving the federal government even more power in arbitrating the costs that insurers would have to pay for out-of-network balances. Instead, he supports independent dispute resolution by third-party arbitrators as the only fair way to protect patients, medical providers, and insurance companies.

Thank you to Congressman Jordan for pushing back on big government and doing what is right for the average American!

Tony J. Schroeder, Ottawa


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