Letter: State House vs White House

Politics aside, we have found it very telling to watch the daily press conferences from both the White House and the State House in Columbus. Ohio Governor Michael DeWine, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and ODH Director Dr. Amy Acton are teeming with transparency, honesty and cooperation with other state agencies. They show humility and warmth for Ohioans and mankind, and they honor Ohioans’ talents, using humor as appropriate. Governor DeWine does not need to boast about himself repeatedly, using superlatives galore. He does not blame the opposing party or past administrations. DeWine takes full responsibility for shortcomings of the state during this crisis.

As far as taking questions, Ohio’s team is respectful, courteous and civil to both the question and the questioner. Likewise, the reporters show great respect for these leaders. Governor DeWine does not interrupt the questioner and go off on a tangent, talking about different topic(s) which have been repeated so many times. DeWine and his team listen to the entire question with interest and dignity, thanking the reporter and offering appreciation for even the tough questions. DeWine does not belittle and berate the questioner nor does he answer the question depending upon who asks the question and for whom the reporter works. DeWine’s team brings everyone together for the sake of Ohio.

Even sadder than all the White House leader’s lies, his egotism, his divisiveness and his insensitivity, is the number of Americans who continue to support this type of human indecency.

We applaud and thank the work being done by both the federal and the state organizations in doing their best to overcome this crisis.

Deb and Duane Bollenbacher, Bluffton


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