Letter: We’re now ‘customers,’ not patients

As much as people in our country like to brag about everything “American,” the past few months have proven beyond any doubt that the U.S. health-care system leaves a lot to be desired. This criticism is not aimed at the actual medical staff that have unselfishly and admirably worked the front lines of the worst health-care crisis in our lifetime.

The people to blame for the lack of health-care quality are the owners of the health-care system that look on profit as their main mode of operation regardless of what their “tug the heartstrings” television and radio commercials may imply.

Every since these organizations have been allowed to be “for profit,” the health-care system in this country has declined. When these profit centers started calling the people that make use of their medical services “customers” instead of “patients,” one can see something is amiss.

When these organizations don’t maintain enough basic personal protective equipment so their medical staff can perform their critical care without the additional stress and worry that they are not being protected from disease and infection, then it is plain to see the main motivator is the profit margin. This, along with the “too little, too late” response by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, has created a “perfect storm” of errors that need to be corrected, sooner rather than later.

Until these problems are solved, the U.S. health-care system is going to remain mediocre at best and not the envy of the world as the “chest-pounders” like to profess.

Larry Donaldson, Elida


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