I listened to the Lima Channel 35 news and want to personally thank Lima Mayor David Berger for his position on the COVID-19 pandemic.

I also have been pleased with the steps taken by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine .

And I am disgusted by our State Senator Matt Huffman and our President “the Orange Man” Donald Trump.

A review of history and the 1918 Spanish flu (along with many other things) should be a requirement to govern in any manner.

The continuing upward numbers of cases in Allen County and the surrounding area should tell the story that we are not out of the woods yet. In fact it is probably far better then it would have been due to the fact that the actions taken by the governor and the City of Lima have tempered the outcome.

We have a daughter working as a RN on the front lines at St. Rita’s and another daughter working as a pharmacist at the busiest CVS in Columbus. So this is personnel.

How we move forward — be it with caution and education or dangerously ignoring the facts — will frame our future.

Dave Smith, Lima


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