Letter: Virus couldn’t steal Easter

I’d like to thank all those who made Easter seem not so lonely.

It was tough with no church and the cancellation of various Easter and enten services.

I missed them terribly!

But others came to the rescue:

Thanks to Ottoville for having the “Stations of the Cross” for everyone to drive around and see.

Thanks to Tom Ahl for informing us of Psalm 91 and it’s importance in WW-I and it’s 91st Battalion. God listened !

And, it could have the same effect today in our present situation. God listens!

Thanks to South Side C.C. and others like it for having on-line services for all to participate in, if only at home.

It seems like everyone is wishing God’s Blessing to all.

Funny, I don’t remember hearing this said much, until now! God listens !!

He’s also forgiving. So if we join in the “chorus” to bless and pray, I’m sure we will get Godly results.

Stay safe, loving, and blessed!

Louise Myers, Cairo


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