Letter: Pull together behind Trump

I do not know why at a time like this all Americans can’t pull together. President Trump has done everything in his power to save lives and to save this country.

Ten days after the first person became ill with the virus, he closed the border to China. Very shortly after that he closed it to Europe, then to the UK.

President Trump has had press briefings every day. CNN and MSNBC say he is lying each time. They have doctors on that don’t know the numbers of those treated with hydroxychloroquine or how efficient it is.

If you watch Fox you will see how well it works.

One doctor treated 699 patients with it and all 699 recovered. The US is getting results of studies from other countries, and in most the rate of recovery is between 98-100%.

The MSM will never give President Trump credit for anything or even think he is right.

I get tired of all the letters saying President Trump did nothing. He is our president and is working night and day for this country.

I am one month older than President Trump and I get up in the morning and find out all he did while I slept and I want to take a nap. It makes me tired.

Susan Rudzinski, Lima


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