Letter: Our kids are being duped

I am concerned for my children and grandchildren as to the direction this once great country is headed. What prompted me to write is a recently published letter praising the progress made by the Bernie Sanders campaign in moving this country to a progressive nation with government assistance for everything from free health care to free tuition and free rent.

Unfortunately, many in the younger generation are buying into this movement mainly with the help of mainstream media and the liberal professors at colleges that we pay so much to send our sons and daughters to. It is about government control of the people. They are trying to transform the future of our democracy. It all sounds so good to have everyone helped by the government so that there will be no more poverty, no more homelessness and the health of the planet saved for future generations.

Nothing is free. Are we willing to give up our freedoms in exchange for all these desired outcomes? To pay for these needs we will have to forfeit the majority of our paychecks and live with more stifling regulations that will prohibit how we behave as a free people. The result is socialism, which has been tried before, and as we learned from history, has never worked.

Capitalism is not perfect but is a far cry better than the scourge of socialism that so many of the younger generation are falling for. This movement has shifted the Democratic Party so far left that it will never again be the party it was just a few short years ago. Please don’t give up your freedom! Don’t fall for this progressive movement and protect our Constitution.

Greg Nussbaum, Glandorf


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