Letter: Book details Dr. Wine’s innocence

In the fall of 2010, like most of the St. Marys community, I was shocked when it was reported that Doug Wine had been accused of raping his mother-in-law. I attended the Wine trial and was deeply disturbed by some of what I observed there. I had a thousand questions. I went several times to the first floor of the courthouse and examined the trial transcript as well as the transcript of the polygraph examination that played such a key role in the prosecution’s case. Everything I found made Wine’s innocence more obvious, and it became clearer and clearer that the American judicial system had dramatically malfunctioned in this case.

I believe Doug Wine is 100% innocent. I do not believe that because he is my friend or he is a really good guy. I believe that because there is overwhelming evidence he is innocent. I have documented that innocence in a book entitled The Strange Case of Dr. Wine-A Miscarriage of Justice in Auglaize County Ohio.”

Read this book and you can be the judge if a wrongful conviction took place.

Brice Brenneman, St. Marys


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