Letter: The things we take for granted

My wife and I rent a duplex in Van Wert. The trash dumpsters are just a few yards from our apartment, making it convenient when I need to take our trash out. At least twice a week, the trucks come and empty all five of the dumpsters. This thought occurred to me since the “stay at home” policy has been implemented due to COVID-19: What if the trash men quit coming? What if all the garbage collectors and recycle truck drivers and workers in Ohio and America quit?

What would your street, yard, neighborhood and city look like in just one month? Think of the smell. Think of the roaches. Think of the mice and rats. And along with them comes their feces, not to mention the maggots that would be born, which grow up to be filthy flies!

If our sanitation workers and garbage collectors did not work the second month … then the third month, people might start throwing their trash in your yard. What if residents would start getting so frightened and angry they would just drive out somewhere on a road or highway and dump their trash? Think how our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans would be affected.

Our country could literally be destroyed from trash.

Think about all the hazardous waste our hospitals, clinics, and care facilities have to dispose of that are contaminated with bacteria and virus!

What if no one was willing to pick this contaminated stuff up?

So, the next time you see the trash truck or recycle truck coming to pick up your trash, please thank the drivers and their helpers!

Jim Burns, Pastor

Liberty Baptist Church

Van Wert


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