Letter: Lima never said ’can’t’ on underpass

The underpass at Elm Street and Bellefontaine Avenue is functional, much needed, long awaited, very good looking, etc. This letter is addressed to the team that worked so tirelessly to make it real. Thank you one and all.

This may be a bit late, but it is very heartfelt.

I lived in the very first house on the other side of the tracks, right across from Lincoln Park. I grew up in Lincoln Park. This house is where I was born and lived for 15 years. And I played on the big cannon down on the corner of Elm and Shawnee streets. I spent a lot of time (as a child) at the fire station on the same corner.

It all looks different now, and it all looks better. It is all because you (the entire crew) never gave up, never said stop, never gave in. You fought for the underpass; you fought for us. And the entire City of Lima owes you a big thank you.

Well, here is mine: Thank you for the new underpass on Elm Street.

I know all about “never give up, never say stop, never give in.” I lived that in 1976 when I won the National Roller Skating Championships in Fort Worth, Texas.

I have tried to instill that in each child I taught in the classroom and at the rink. I think some of them got the message, and they lived with that in their life. I do meet up with some of them, from time to time, and they remind me: Mr. Haver said: “Never say can’t!”

George H. Haver



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