Letter: It doesn’t figure

The news on March 31 made us aware that our world lost a great neurosurgeon, Dr. James T Goodrich, to COVID-19. Then I started thinking of how many Dr. Goodrich’s have been aborted along with how many medical scientists, medical doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, firemen, policemen, EMTs, astronauts, and all others that make up our great society.

We as a nation have lost the value of life, it is now acceptable to kill a baby outside the womb, cut the child umbilical cord from the mother and let the child die?

The states of Virginia and I believe Illinois have that law on its book to let the child die after birth and separated from the mother. This does not address the many abortions that tear the child from the mother’s womb.

Maybe our world has come to a place in our lives that God is giving us a message to give us a chance to reboot our morals and start saving the lives God has given us.

We as a country are now in a heinous virus (COVID-19) condition and we are spending millions of dollars to save lives, but yet we are still aborting our future generations.

This is mind boggling, just think of it.

Edward Klaus, Delphos


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