Letter: A song is playing in my ear

When I awoke this morning, it seemed that a song appeared out of the air. It was “God Bless America.”

Perhaps it was Virus inspired. But the song reminded me of my teenage time during World War II in the 1940s. At that time I lived on West Kibby Street near Hover Lake. I went to South High School and the mode of transportation was your walking shoes.

My closest friend was a young lad who was 6-foot-6. I was about 5-foot-8. They called us Mutt and Jeff.

At noon, the two of us walked about a mile or so home for lunch. There wasn’t much time, and it seemed that I had to take five steps to every one of my friend’s steps in order to have lunch and get back to school in time for classes.

When I was home for lunch I would turn on the radio (no modern communication devices in those days) and listen to Kate Smith who had a noon time program. She ended each show every day by singing “God Bless America.” Needless to say, that song gave the country a needed lift during those World War II years.

So we have another war, the invisible war called COVID-19. Perhaps the song God Bless America may give the entire country a needed lift again in this time of worry and stress that confronts America.

Sing Out America!

Norm Grigsby, Lima


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