“Integrity” is A word which describes Jim Jordan, representative of Ohio’s 4th district.

He graduated from The University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’sd degree in economics; earned his master’s degree in education from The Ohio State University and a law degree from Capital University. This man has been the principal proponent of countless legislation that favors the sanctity of life, lower taxes and accountability of our government, expenditures. and has instituted countless bills. Among them: HR-2832, welfare and upward mobility, HR-1436, providing capital for the care and rehabilitation of addicted persons and the overseeing of our Federal budget for cost effectiveness. HR-2010.

Jim has been a strict advocate for life and believes anyone with a bit of common sense can prevent the death of the helpless who cannot defend themselves. Perhaps the Democratic advocates of free birth control cannot read the labels and place the preventative measures in the wrong area. HR-2373 states that the sex of a child cannot be used in the determination of who can be aborted, US HR305, dealing with the sanctity of life, US HR 833 which states taxpayers’ money cannot be used for abortions. US HR1679, the Personal Health Investment Today Act. Countless others benefit the American Worker.

He was instrumental in procuring a huge area in St. Rita’s Medical Center to serve American Veterans needs. Our present location in Lima was quite crowded and for this action we are totally grateful. Thank you Jim, for the outstanding work you have done for your constituents in district 4, and indeed for our nation.

Leslie Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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