Letter: Left with a dirty mess

Dominion Energy has taken at least 60 tons of top soil and dirt from my property. It has done away with a ditch that took the run off from the road and my property. It also created a trough about 20 feet wide, which dropped about 2½ feet from the east property line to my home.

At that time we had two storms. My home was flooded twice.

I called Dominion many times about bringing back all the dirt. Their overseer said all the dirt would be returned as soon as they got this pipeline replaced. Of course, they never came back. A person who worked for Dominion later told me the dirt was used for landscaping at Dominion’s new buildingon Jackson Street.

They also dug three holes near the road. I went to Shawnee police about this problem. They called the PUCO about three holes that was left in my yard and was a safety issue. Soon Dominion started to fill them. Dominion now claims it was Buckeye pipeline that damaged my property and home.

I’m 85, my wife is 87. The house now has holes in the floor and some floor joints have given away.

When all this trouble began in April 2017, I had just had a knee replacement and couldn’t get out o see what they were doing.

If you know of a lawyer, I need one.

Ronald Pugsley, Lima


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