Letter: Prosecutor has nothing

Voters in Putnam County, we have a problem. It appears the county prosecutors received their law degree from the South Park University TV show. Always trying to kill Kenny Richey.

When the civil rights division gets done with the county, we may be broke

Kenny and family know about the scorching letter Kenny sent to the then presiding judge stating the complicity between prosecutor and the court.

The prosecutor even lied to the grand jury stating Randall Basinger was named victim in the Aldio Video by Kenny. In fact no one was named.

The prosecutor has no alleged victim to file a complain and the county can’t be a complaintant. Kenny pointed out enough items to the court. The judge has been replaced as is the prosecutor. Kenny’s previous attorney has already told the prosecutors they had nothing. Now they want to hire that attorney in the prosecutor’s office. Why? After Kenny’s attorney pointed out the court had nothing, they rigged up a phony charge of violating a protection order because within the past year Kenny accompanied a German news film crew to Putnam County doing a documentary.

Kenny’s attorney showed that five-year protection order was now void. The prosector said it had been extended by two years. No paper trail, no contact with Kenny was ever made about an extension.

Voters, it’s time.

Larry Phalen



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