Letter: Why you shouldn’t back Democrats

As I listen to the Democrats attempt to hijack the Emergency Aid Bill, I wish I could be surprised that they would be guilty of such obvious attempts to insert their Socialist agenda into urgently needed aid for our country.

Unfortunately I am not surprised. As one leading Democrat stated “Now is the time to get our agenda passed” or as Rahm Emanuel has said “Never let a Crisis go to waste.”

Now the Democrats are wanting to extend visas , outlaw voter ID laws, allow for an unknown number of mail in or drop off absentee ballots, give huge gifts to the Kennedy Center, NPR and National Public Television.

I am unable to understand how any of these issues should be included in what is a rescue bill for the American People who have been impacted by the Corona Virus. These issues are only the tip of the Ice Berg of pork and unnecessary add on spending to the rescue bill.

Why when an agreement had basically been reached did Speaker Nancy fly in and pollute the agreement with her socialist garbage? The next time you go to the polls, remember the treachery of the party that held up the urgently needed aid from the American People for political advantage.

This is what you get when you vote Democrat. Never vote for any Democrat at any time.

Kenneth Harris, Lima


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