Letter: Pull together behind leaders

The positive message from the White House is that we will prevail against this emergency with “love, patriotism and the determination of our citizens.” Luckily, going into this crisis, our economy has never been stronger – all because of the policies of our great President Donald J. Trump and his administration. Our president has assembled top experts to guide the process through which this crisis will be handled. As a result, I agree fully with the president when he says, “No nation on Earth will emerge stronger and more united than ours.”

Here in Ohio, Governor DeWine said, “Each night when I go to bed I ask myself if I’ve done everything I could to defeat this enemy. I would ask all of you to ask yourselves the same thing – are you doing everything you can to stop COVID-19?” Our national, state and local leaders are all shouldering heavy burdens as they try to navigate these uncharted troubled waters.

I can only ask that each of us do what Americans always do – join together and unite in a fight against this viral enemy that could destroy our nation. Stop the negativity, find ways to help, stay out of the way of those who are helping, take the recommended steps to protect your own health, do not jeopardize the health of your community by going out if you do not feel well, and pray for our leaders and this great nation.

I believe, with these two great leaders, and all Americans united in supporting them by helping in any way possible – our communities, Ohio and these Great United States will be victorious!

Amber Stump, Lima


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