Letter: The Lima News leans to the left

I am totally disgusted how The Lima News is reporting on a health-care crisis that is devastating our economy and causing people to lose their jobs. Page 4A, March 25th, under “Opinion” was a very large article on President Trump that was completely negative and probably false.

Does the editor choose what articles to include in the paper or are we at the Associated Press’s mercy? If it was chosen, shame on you. Sources for this article came from anonymous White House aides and former administration, seriously! It all sounds like watercooler talk to me and a lot of speculation.

We do not need to read gossip trashing the president at this terrible time. We need encouragement and progress being made to remedy this situation. Why not mention all the positive things being done by this administration.

President Trump very quickly put travel restrictions on China and other global hotspots that bought us valuable time to respond to the virus and possible saved hundreds of lives. He also expanded airport screenings for people entering the United States. This administration has expanded “free” testing accessibility across the country and set up additional testing sites.

President Trump has signed numerous legislative bills to support impacted businesses, large and small, so that we have a job to go back to. He also signed into law ones that will give financial assistance to families and working Americans. Plus many more.

On the other hand, the Democrats have exploited this emergency by forcing their socialist wish list into the bill that they have blocked numerous times. What does union giveaways, student loan forgiveness and immigration provisions have to do with coronavirus?

Marilyn Gratz, Lima


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