Letter: Old and strong, willing to help

I hav a very rare medical condition caused by an overactive immune system. It is called Alopecia Areata Universalitus Totallis. The Lima News did a story about this condition 40 years ago.

I found out about this condition at the Cleveland Clinic. I remember everything Dr William Steck said that day. He told me my immune system was fighting off all types of other medical issues 24 hours a day and of course 7 days a week. Since the only thing that is alive and growing each day is hair, it goes after that too. I never get sick or get the flu or anything else.

Now I hear everyday about this new coronavirus and how it destroys the immune systems of others.

After all these years, I am still going strong as ever. There has to be others in the state, country or even the world who have overactive immune systems.

While the world looks for a cure for this virus, that cure could be in using the blood from others as well. I recall one time being asked by a good friend if would donate blood to his mother. He thought my blood charged up and fighting could help her in some way. I have always thought things happen to others for a reason and just wondered if there was others like myself that could help.

Jon M Rogers, Lima


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