Letter: Control the virus first

President Trump’s idea that you need to end the quarantine to help the economy, not worry about death rates, and let the elites get tested while the rest of us wait for Titanic America to sink, will be a disaster.

You must control the virus first and the economy will follow. Our total lack of preparation is on Trump and the health-care system which has been failing for decades. Trump’s partisan leadership, his focus on popularity & election success rather than bipartisan and constructive leadership, coupled to his obvious narcissistic perspective on everything is leading us into a shipwreck.

Republicans need to pressure Trump to act for the nation not for his election. Having taught for 50 years studying the history of pandemics and infectious diseases for a few of my classes and watching what other countries are doing that is successful, it is clear that Trump’s policy pronouncements, like the nation’s lack of preparation, are catastrophes in the making which can only be remedied by forceful Federal action based on sound scientific data and principles. Republicans need to get the message to Trump that he cannot BS his way to a solution, continue to pit Americans against each other, and use the pandemic to score political points. He needs to listen to the medical experts and stop politicizing this disaster which his anti-science and anti-government administration is partly to blame for. Thank God that some Republicans like Governor Mike DeWine are forceful and thoughtful leaders.

Trump’s leadership is a disaster, especially in a national emergency.

Michalel Loughlin, Ada


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