Letter: Small things add meaning

My wife Jennifer and I had to make a trip to pick up my paintings from a gallery in Granville. Our usual custom is to stop at one of our favorite places for lunch or dinner on the way. That not being an option in these times, we decided to pack a small picnic lunch of meatloaf sandwiches and homemade chocolate chip cookies. We took our time on the back roads with little or no traffic, enjoying the countryside of our beautiful Ohio. The weather was soft, and we found a wonderful place to eat our lunch. Our trip took all day and it reminded us of the simple pleasures we grew up with. We had a wonderful time; a chance to talk and share the sights.

These are serious times with several unknowns. Each of us must decide what is most sensible for ourselves. But let’s not forget to notice the small things that add meaning and optimism to our lives. Often, they’re free and right under our noses. I encourage you to have your own “picnic” and see that there is still a lot of life going on around us.

Robert MaGaw, Lafayette


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