Letter: DeWine leading us through crisis

Gov. Mike DeWine is leading us in an unprecedented time in history. Many Americans have never experienced government intervention to this scale or magnitude before. Some feel that these actions are unneeded, overblown, or disproportionate to the situation. But after we come to terms with the reality of our condition, it becomes increasingly clear that these actions were not only proportionate, but also needed to promote the general safety of our citizens.

Swift and decisive leadership is perhaps the most important characteristic needed in a time of national emergency. Governor DeWine has consistently led the United States in a rapid and proactive response to prevent the further spread of this virus. We must understand that large-scale problems must be met with equally as large solutions.

One of the governor’s most recent decisions to postpone Ohio’s primary has come under fire as “political” and “an act of suppression.” These accusations are ironically, by nature, politically motivated. Governor DeWine consulted with the heads of both political parties, receiving mutual support for his decision. The real act of voter suppression would have been if the governor had allowed the primary to continue as planned.

Many Ohioans would have been faced with the dilemma of going out in public to vote versus staying home and being safe. Ohio citizens should not have to choose between their safety and their constitutional rights. The polls were not environmentally safe for a large portion of our voting population. The governor has made some incredibly tough decisions in the last month, but his response to this emergency is proof that Ohio made the right decision in electing him as governor.

Logan Rex, Lima


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