Letter: Allen County jail a party place

It is time to rethink how we utilize the Allen County Justice Center. I have been on both sides of the law and there is nothing correctional nor rehabilitative about the Allen County Jail. I do agree that violent criminals need to be incarcerated, but when it comes to nonviolent, misdemeanor offenders, taxpayer money is being misused and wasted.

Yes, choices are made and there has to be personal accountability when it comes to making positive changes. The goal should be to raise the standard of life of these men and women — the jailhouse should become a workhouse! The jobs are out there and the program can be funded by the working inmates themselves. The result would be fines paid, license retained, restitution restored, homes and apartments kept, a job when released — confidence and self esteem returned!

A jail sentence in Allen County is a reunion of sorts. The get-together ranges from family, dealers, users and criminals. Drug dealers find new clients, the addicted find more dealers, criminals discuss ways to better their craft and how to improve and not get caught. Corrections officers are simply adult babysitters, waiters, waitresses and servants. They bring your food and clothes and fetch things that are needed. Inmates party all night and sleep all day. The evening is spent playing cards, gambling, watching TV, going to recreation and doing nothing!

The result: Change does not occur.

The answer is a work program for those not working.

James Hollar, Lima


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