Letter: I’m not a doctor, but …

The hatred of the left just keeps getting louder and louder. The more the President does (good or not so good), the more they find fault in it. But what the Democratic Party is doing to their own is far more irresponsible and worse than anything Trump has done or said in a Tweet.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a doctor. But anyone who has lived with, experienced, and watched a person with dementia suffer knows all too well how demeaning it is for the Democrats to put Joe Biden on display for everyone to see, hear, and laugh at.

The loss of articulation is just one of the symptoms that becomes evident from the start. They forget words, forget a train or thought, or just say something that doesn’t quite make much sense. As it progresses, their frustration from not being able to remember turns to anger. That is often followed by lashing out, especially at those who are closest to them. My fear recently was that his confrontation with the UAW worker could have turn to blows.

It is a political ploy, I’m sure. Those in the position of power on the left see this as a way to get what they wanted in 2016 through Article 25. And because she is constantly in the spotlight of the news, one can easily see Hilary salivating over the possibility of becoming the Vice President under these conditions.

But the one that I feel sorry for is Joe. Because, as his illness progresses, they will put him up on that pedestal for the world to see. And while I don’t think he can honestly win against President Trump with 100% of his faculties, I don’t believe that “honestly” is how the 2020 election is going to be handled by the left and the media.

Roger Calvert, Delphos


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