Letter: Sielschott fits all qualifications

Many people believe that a commissioner is the executive arm of county government - similar to a municipal Mayor except for a county instead of a city. But in the Ohio Revised Code, counties do not possess the power of home rule and may only perform those functions specifically authorized by state law. This check on county government power is important to remember when you evaluate the candidates in Tuesday’s Republican primary for county commissioner.

Per the County Commissioners Association of Ohio website, the primary role of the commissioner is to be the taxing, budgeting, appropriating, and purchasing authority for the county. It also states that county commissioners must be astute and have good business sense. If I could summarize for them, the office is a financial position and the best candidate would have private sector experience.

Only one candidate in this year’s Republican primary meets these important qualifications. One candidate has dedicated their career to helping their clients achieve their financial dreams through sound financial management. One candidate has been a successful small business owner for the past 16 years, building it from the ground up. And only one candidate has the conservative chops that Allen County voters value in our elected officials.

Please join me in voting for that candidate, Tim Sielschott, as your next Allen county commissioner!

Kurt Neeper, Lima


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