Letter: Bambauer has skill set

I have served Auglaize County as a commissioner for the past 12 years, and am very knowledgeable with the qualities and skill set it takes to do the job right. Having known David Bambauer for a very long time, I am confident that his work experience, leadership skills, work ethic and genuine love for Auglaize County and the people here make him the most qualified candidate for this position.

David has served the farming community in our county his entire life. Being the chief financial officer at Bambauer Fertilizer and Seed gives David valuable experience in financial accounting, negotiations, problem solving, executing plans and leadership. The 23 years that he served Washington Township as fiscal officer and the various boards he has served on within the Village of New Knoxville make him very knowledgeable of how local governments are run. David’s passion for volunteer work — whether it be serving as a lay leader and teaching catechism to the youth at his church, or serving as a board member of Agape Ministries further solidifies his desire to serve the people of Auglaize County.

As Auglaize County commissioner, David will serve the residents of our county with the same commitment, knowledge, and leadership skills that he puts towards every other position he holds. Please join me on March 17th in casting your vote for David Bambauer for Auglaize County Commissioner.

Don Regula,

Auglaize County commissioner


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