Letter: A public service announcement by FOX, Trump

“Most overblown and overhyped virus in world history! Nothing more than a mild flu that has the world in panic attack. Sad.”

“Just a bunch of left wing media pushing its fear tactics.”

Thus two local Trump supporters from a few days ago, undoubtedly echoing what they’d heard on FOX NEWS.

I produce these quotations not to embarrass the gentlemen in question (they do a perfectly good job of that themselves on a daily basis), but by way of making a plea.

There is an ugly irony at work: The demographic of those most at risk from coronavirus matches almost perfectly the demographic of the FOX NEWS audience — that is, elderly Americans. The people who most need to be reliably informed about this pandemic are the very people getting a steady diet of misinformation about it from their favorite TV channel.

So here’s my plea: Americans over 65 and with chronic health problems, please, for the duration of this pandemic, turn off FOX NEWS and turn on CNN. By doing so you will significantly increase your chances of survival.

Dr. Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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