Letter: Feeling the enthusiasm

I am writing to express my deep and sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support extended to our family during the campaign process. From attending our events, to donating to the campaign, allowing us to place signs in your yards, sharing our social media posts, and greeting my husband with warmth and kindness when he’s knocked on your doors – Allen County, you’ve shown up for us at every turn, and it has blown us away!

The excitement and energy that we’ve received from “Team Tim” is palpable and understandably so — he’s a candidate for County Commissioner that I think is worth being enthusiastic about. His love for this community and dedication to its improvement are apparent. He not only sees the many positive attributes this community has, but also believes there is room for so much more.

My husband has spent the last 16 years building a business as a financial advisor where his objective is to help clients reach their financial goals through sound investing and budgeting. You have recognized that these skills will prove invaluable when making decisions regarding the county’s finances and budget.

By March 17th, Tim will have knocked on over 2,000 doors throughout the county. He has done this while simultaneously running a business and raising a family, confirming that small business owners are truly in a league of their own.

If you want to celebrate Allen County while helping it reach its full potential and want more than the status quo, then this is your invitation to join Team Tim by voting for my husband and best friend, Tim Sielschott, on March 17th!

Katie Sielschot, Lima

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