Letter: A father knows best

It’s certainly no surprise that a father would issue an endorsement of his son. But I am doubly proud to do so, given the policy perspective Tim brings to this campaign.

Throughout my career as a public accountant and as an advocate for small business employers through the National Federation of Independent Business, my political passion has been to promote policies that encourage the creation of jobs in our local community for my neighbors and their children. I have many times told my legislative friends and NFIB policy advocates that “the creation of a job for your community is a near religious act.” So you can imagine my pride when I heard my son, while speaking in support of another Republican candidate, say, “There is nothing that raises a person up, enhances self-image, and fosters dignity, more than a paycheck with your name on it.”

Tim’s use of this quote shows that he intends to be a positive, effective and “economic growth” focused ambassador for Allen County. There is obvious value to adding Tim’s private sector, financially educated voice to the already strong commissioner team. But the passion he will bring to making Allen County a place where our children can live, play, work and prosper makes Tim Sielschott the most compelling choice. I hope your vote will help bring his voice and passion to the Allen County Commission on March 17.

Robert Sielschott, Lima


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