Letter: Not Trump’s economy

No single person “runs” the economy. Trial and error by generations of entrepreneurs built the model for the capitalist democracy we live in, and the legs on which it stands, i.e., the all-inclusive working class: “Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief; doctor, lawyer, Indian chief.” The brown-bagger on the clock bears the heaviest burden.

A bug has exposed the “iffy-ness” of an economic recovery for which Trump demands full credit, although it began under Obama. Now, POTUS’s quick fixes are folding under the coronavirus’s weight.

Because business doesn’t boom for everybody. A glaring difference between an individual who makes $25 billion and one who makes $25 thousand is that the latter has to pay his taxes. And it’s the pre-occupation of the first to boondoggle the second into spending precious dollars on the non-essential goods and services that are continually being pushed at him.

The White House is draping a cloak of invisibility over an incipient crisis to draw consumers out of self-protective mode: “Go out and spend! It’s alright! Very few people are getting sick and dying! You’ll be fine!”

Keep Wall Street from tanking, even at the cost of your life!


Remember how the Twitterer-in-Chief asked for $6 billion for “his wall”?

He only wanted $2 billion to fight coronavirus. Congress gave him four times as much. The Senate finally remembered what they’re sent there for.

“The World According to Trump” is unraveling.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Noe Serna, Lima


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