Letter: Confidence in Tim Sielschott

I first met Tim Sielschott at a Lima Young Professionals event. Tim was one of the founding members of the Lima YP and a well-established leader, yet still took the time to introduce himself to me and then introduce me to the rest of the members. Many other new members of the Lima YP can recount similar stories about Tim. To Tim, no one is a stranger. Over eight years later, we remain friends and he remains one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever known.

Now Tim is running for Allen County Commissioner. As the owner and president of Burden Construction Company, our clients’ needs and our 11 full-time employees’ livelihoods are especially dependent on a responsive building department. Under our current commissioners’ leadership, the building department service level has improved these past 18 months. Allen County needs strong commissioners to ensure that public safety remains a priority but business expansion is not stifled by slow service and regulatory overreach. Allen County also needs commissioners that can bring members of this community together when necessary to help us all reach greater heights.

We need Tim Sielschott. Please join me in voting for Tim Sielschott for Allen County Commissioner on March 17!

Brian Baker, Lima


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