Letter: It’s easy, vote Trump

I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

It was mildly amusing to read that Leonard Pitts Jr. was accusing Bernie Sanders supporters of swarming and heaping abuse on Ava DuVernay for her Tweet that indicated that she did not want Sanders to win. Mr. Pitts went on to list the abuses of Sanders supporters and even referred to a digital lynch mob. It seemed to me that Mr. Pitts was not a Bernie Sanders supporter, but then he went on to say that President Trump was a bigger threat to our country than any terrorist or foreign country, and that he would vote for Bernie, Mr. T, or Dr. Doom.

Well Mr. Pitts, Bernie Sanders and company and the other fellow travelers like you who support him are the biggest threat to our country and our Constitutional Republic that I have seen in the all the years since I first voted for Barry Goldwater.

Socialism does not work.

I will vote for Donald Trump so he can keep on the good work of distancing our great country from socialist / communist / liberals that would destroy us.

Ken Harris, Lima


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